Wrap-up 2022

Wrap-up 2022

2022 is the year of the introduction of new technologies in our area, this is the year of acceptance of new technologies, this is the year when the company opened a new sector of business – the sector of designing and installation of solar power plants. This year, the company celebrated 20 years of successful business.

With the adoption of the new Law on Renewable Energy Sources, Telemax, as a company that has been working on electrical installation projects for two decades, expanded its business to design and install solar power plants. The change of focus on the new segment did not affect the way of doing business so far – using the latest technologies of renowned manufacturers, as well as professional staff who meet all the challenges of the clients.

With the growth of the volume of work related to solar power plants, both the engineering team that works on designing and creating the best solution for the client and the team of technicians that installs the entire system have been expanded. Soon we will have a part of the webpage that is related exclusively to solar power plants, until then write to us at office@telemax.ba

The company’s in-house smart urban furniture brand – City Gecko achieved very good results in 2022. A large number of smart benches were installed both on the domestic and foreign markets, many valuable and useful events were attended, including the Smart City Expo in Barcelona, and the project of installing solar bus stops in Banja Luka was started.
At the end of the year, projects for the next year were agreed upon, which will be implemented in the first half of the year. Preparations are currently underway for a new round of investment in the brand.

2022 will be remembered as a year of new challenges and new ways of overcoming them. Two decades of hard work have led to the fact that the company Telemax d.o.o. is the one of the true leaders in the field of electrical installations and telecommunications, we are looking for the next twenty!