TELEMAX on Global Business Executive Retreat

TELEMAX on Global Business Executive Retreat

A business meeting called “Global Business Executive Retreat 2021” was held from 1 to 4 July 2021 on Jahorina. Telemax and our brand of smart urban furniture City Gecko participated in the panel, along with a hundred other participants from the business world from over 20 different countries.
The event was organized by the Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Investments of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FIPA) and the Council of Foreign Investors (FIC), and sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Given the fact that the new times require new approaches to business, but also offer new opportunities, therefore “Global Business Executive Retreat 2021” is a unique event aimed at bringing together representatives from the private and public sector and business people from the region and the world, but also promotion of domestic companies in other markets, and establishing new and strengthening existing trade ties.
During these three days, more than thirty panelists and keynote speakers addressed the topic of the free zone, innovation, entrepreneurship, and digitalization through interesting discussions.

On the second day of the conference, panel discussions were held dedicated to high technologies and innovations that serve the development and promotion of entrepreneurship.
The co-founder of the City Gecko brand, Nikola MaksimĨuk, also took part in this panel, presenting our smart benches. The need for greater global connectivity and integration of digital technology is necessary more than ever to meet the growth and competitiveness challenges of any company around the world. The panel discussed how to integrate new technologies into business models with the aim of opening new markets.

In addition to an interesting official program, international and domestic guests of the conference had the opportunity during their three days in Bosnia and Herzegovina through B2B meetings and connections to enjoy entertainment, such as sightseeing in Sarajevo, then a tour of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, and meet the beauties and the tourist potential of the Olympic mountain Jahorina.

Global Business Executive Retreat 2021 met all the expectations of organizers and participants and created an excellent platform for exchanging experiences and best business practices, but also for networking and starting cooperation of renowned experts and eminent names from the global economic and political scene.
It was a great pleasure for us at Telemax to participate in this event, and thanks to organizers once again for the call and hospitality.