TELEMAX has donated the a solar tree to the city of Banja Luka

telemax solarno drvo

TELEMAX has donated the a solar tree to the city of Banja Luka

Banja Luka Mayor Igor Radojičić and director of TELEMAX Arijana Maksimčuk signed an agreement today on the donation of the solar tree of this company to Grad.

The signing of this contract officially started the realization of the project of construction and donation of the first energy efficient solution of this type.

By handing out a hand-made solar panel replica to Mayor Radojičić, the start of cooperation between TELEMAX and the City of Banja Luka was symbolic, which is one of a series of projects within the partnership that the city authorities offered to socially responsible companies.

“I thank Telemax for joining the various actions that the city is implementing. One of our goals is to have a neat, green city with landscaped streets, alleys, parks, children’s playgrounds, sports and recreation zones, and in such a vision of the city perfectly fits solar tree. I hope that we will find a place for him in the walking area in the city center, ” Radojičić said, adding that the walking zone in the center will soon be redefined.

TELEMAX’s Director Arijana Maksimčuk emphasized the firm’s commitment to creating innovative and environmentally efficient solutions.

“Solar three transforms solar energy into electricity that will enable citizens and tourists to charge batteries of mobile phones and other smart devices in the city center. In addition to this practical application, we want to raise the awareness of citizens on renewable energy sources as a potential that is not sufficiently used. TELEMAX will, as before, strive to bring Banja Luka to the future today, “said Arijana Maksimčuk, director of Telemax.

Representatives of TELEMAX expect the project to be fully realized for a maximum of one month from the moment of approval of the site according to the urban plan by the city authorities.

Solar three represents a metal structure that looks like a tree with branches on whose tops there are solar panels that, using solar energy, will produce energy that will further be used to charge batteries of mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and multimedia devices with solar energy.