telemax edukativna akademija

Our orientation is always focused on our clients because each individual employed in TELEMAX is dedicated to finding the best customer solutions, constantly listening to their needs and requirements, and creating the conditions to meet customer needs as quickly as possible.

Without false modesty, TELEMAX has become a quality “product” with the built-in experience and committed work of all people engaged in its system. Intelligent installations, optical networks and high energy efficiency are an important part of the future, and we sincerely hope that, in times yet to come, it will create the environment for safe and successful growth and development of the company. Quality, reliability, creativity and employee experience contribute to strengthening the company and of course expanding its network of customers.

We are aware of the fact that the growth of quality of supply depends on the level of training of our people, in whose education we invest every day, because they must be prepared to respond to the challenges of the future. Every individual in this complex mechanism has contributed for the overall result to be at an enviable place on the scale of success. The TELEMAX Educational Academy consists of the following components:

  • General knowledge test
  • Professional part of the test
  • Practical knowledge testing
  • Interview in front of the board
  • Start of training for candidates who pass the previous components
  • TELEMAX Provides Work Overalls and Tools for All Selected Students as well as a Health Check