TELEMAX at the FTTH conference in Marseille

TELEMAX na FTTH konferenciji u Marseju

TELEMAX at the FTTH conference in Marseille

Dejan Slačala, head of the engineering team of TELEMAX, attended the 5th “FTTH Conference” held in Marseilles from 14 to 16 February in Marseille, organized by the Council of Europe under the auspices of the French President.

The FTTH conference gathered 3000 participants from 96 countries this year, 155 speakers presenting interesting content to the participants, the latest trends in this field through 15 sessions and 9 workshops.

The conference aims to connect experts, companies and stakeholders in the field of optical networks, present innovative solutions, data and information, and exchange knowledge and experiences of top experts.

The representative of TELEMAX presented the company at this conference and spoke about the latest trends in optical telecommunications, which is also an integral part of TELEMAX’s offer.