After the new law on Renewable Sources is passed, the potential was created for companies that have years of experience and professional staff to perform these projects. As one of the leaders in the electrical installation market, we have signed an agreement with the renowned manufacturer of solar panels and related equipment BISOL Group. The agreement confirmed the joint venture on the market of solar power plant installations in the Republic of Srpska.

Since its establishment, we have been striving for the acceptance, implementation, and use of new technologies, and this is the reason for expanding the offer of our services. We have traditionally chosen quality and reliable partners, and in this branch of business, it is BISOL Group Ltd. from Slovenia which has been producing top performance and quality solar panels for almost eighteen years. There are numerous references on the domestic and foreign markets.

The law, which was adopted by the National Assembly of the Republika Srpska, defines the rights, obligations, and conditions under which the final buyer of electricity becomes a “prosumer”, ie the buyer and producer of electricity. In addition, it is stated that the buyer has the right to build and connect a power plant that uses renewable energy sources to the internal electrical installations of its facility. He can use it for its consumption, provided that the installed power of the power plant cannot exceed the approved connection capacity.

In this way, savings on electricity consumption are achieved, the ecological footprint and the impact on the environment are reduced by using renewable energy sources. In other words, if more electricity is consumed in a month than is produced, or if more is “pulled” from the electricity grid than is delivered, the difference is paid on the next bill. If the situation is reversed, ie if the buyer-producer has handed over more electricity to the network than he has taken over, the difference is transferred to the next billing period.

The financing of such projects is supported by various funds and domestic banks.

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