Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona 2022

Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona 2022

When we started developing our products a little more than three years ago, we had a vision of marketing them to foreign markets. The team working tirelessly on the City Gecko brand is slowly but surely realizing this vision. Today, smart benches are located in ten countries across Europe and the Middle East, and more than 30 partnership agreements have been signed.

In order to achieve even greater visibility of the brand, members of the City Gecko team took part in one of the largest Smart City fairs – Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona 2022. The event has traditionally been organized for the 11th year in Barcelona. The Congress gathered the leaders of the Smart Cities market – technologies that, through their actions and work, influence the improvement of citizens’ living conditions. New solutions, case studies and implemented or ongoing projects were presented.

Our representatives were located in one of the best places at the Expo – where they presented not only our brand but the entire Balkans because they were the only ones from this part of Europe. We are extra proud of this fact.
Lots of contact with interesting exhibitors, meeting with new technologies, but also sincere praise for our solutions are some of the things that were gained by attending the Expo. Significant collaborations were also achieved, which are currently in the phase of preliminary agreements and preparations.

City Gecko is a brand of smart urban furniture created by the company Telemax d.o.o. The brand’s solutions are smart benches and a solar bus stop. Benches have been installed all over Europe, and several of them have found their place in the demanding market of the Middle East. Today, solar bus stops adorn Banja Luka, and soon they should be found in other cities throughout the RS and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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