LED technology – investment for future


LED technology – investment for future

LED technology has become an unstoppable standard that will take over the entire world. Also, the LED has become one of the synonyms for energy efficiency and savings. Efficient use of different energy sources is a very current issue today, and electricity savings is a trend that is applied globally. This implies that LED technology has found its application in various areas, especially in lighting and electrical engineering. Consciousness about the potential for electricity savings is growing at a global level, and a large number of households and companies replace ordinary bulbs replace LED bulbs that are proven more efficient, more economical and more durable.

LED bulbs, or any light that incorporates LED technology coverts 90% energy to light, while only 10% of total energy is consumed for heat, therefore these bulbs are less heated than ordinary bulbs. Ordinary bulbs burn out a lot of heat, and only a small part of the energy produced is turned into light. Why is the LED bulb so efficient? Electrical energy passes through a microchip that illuminates tiny light sources that we call a light emitting diode (LED), and this reaction results in the light that is emitted by this bulb. Also, the heat that LEDs produce is absorbed by the cooling tank.

LED bulbs are definitely longer-lasting than other bulbs, ordinary filament bulbs, as well as CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent lighting). The LED bulb does not fail or heat, and is more resistant to external influences because it does not have a broken glass. The light that LED emits over time decreases, and their average life is about 50,000 h which is more than standard bulbs that last from 1,000 to 5,000 h.

Considering the characteristics of LED lighting, and the features it implies, these bulbs are more expensive compared to ordinary ones. LED lighting can be considered an electronic device because it uses work pieces made of electronic components. This technology lasts for a long time, emits good light, lowers costs, and has long-lasting positive effects, although it is more expensive at the beginning compared to other lighting fixtures. Although LED lighting has many advantages, its price has been an obstacle, but considering all the parameters, energy savings, and the lifespan of this bulb, the LED can definitely be considered as an investment of the future. Also, educating and informing end-users about the wide range of LED lighting applications and all its benefits is the key to achieving global energy efficiency.

LED lighting is not harmful to health because it does not emit ultraviolet radiation that otherwise causes the fabric and cloth to break. Also, LED lighting does not have a blinking effect as it happen with ordinary bulbs. In many countries, the sale of ordinary light bulbs is banned, and LED lighting has positioned itself as a market leader thanks to its performance and characteristics.

LED lighting is present and future considering the trend of using “green energy” in various areas. Looking at other lighting technologies, it is evident that their future is uncertain because they will most likely be replaced by LED lighting. There are no rules and standards in B&H and the region that will directly affect the use of LED technology, which ultimately has positive effects on all actors, users through savings, and environment that in this way is less polluted and more preserved. Since the price of LED lighting is higher than ordinary lighting, there is still a certain barrier to its use in our area, but in the long run, buying LEDs today is a profitable investment tomorrow. Also, when purchasing LED lighting for both indoor and outdoor applications, it is necessary to take care of the quality of the same because in our market that is not regulated by standards, we can find products that do not have the expected performance.

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