LED lighting brings up to 9 times more savings

LED lighting brings up to 9 times more savings

TELEMAX has created an animated educational video that brings you all the benefits of using LED lighting.

Replacement of ordinary LED lighting in industrial, production and sales halls, as well as objects of other purpose, brings up to 9 times more savings.

The main advantage of the LED curve is reflected in the lower power consumption. If we measure the power consumption of 10 bulbs operating 6 hours a day, 365 days a year, we come up with a figure of 1095kW of consumed electricity for ordinary bulbs annually, while the energy consumption of LED bulbs in the same period is only 127kW. Energy consumption of ordinary light bulbs expressed in cash at an annual level is 144KM, while LED bulbs in the same conditions cause the cost of only 16KM.

The savings achieved through the use of LED lighting also come from its useful life. The average lifespan of an ordinary light bulb is 1500 hours, while the bulb lasts more than 30,000 hours, so your ordinary bulb will last about 10 months, and the LED will be 14 years old.

Also, another advantage of using LED lighting is its positive effect on labor productivity. A LED bulb next to yellow light emits a white one that has proven to be less tired of the eyes and affects the efficiency of workers at the workplace.

Look at this short video that reveals all the benefits of LED lighting, and gives you enough reason to replace ordinary lighting with LED.

In the TELEMAX business center there is a newly opened UEBEX salon of LED lighting. For many years, UEBEX has been actively involved in the main markets of Europe as a professional manufacturer of high quality LED lighting.