We develop, produce and distribute certified lighting systems for professional use at the highest standards.


Our eighteen years of work have developed a reputation that allows our clients to approach us with confidence.


The future belongs to telecommunications and to those who have recognized its benefits on time.


City Gecko is our brand of smart urban furniture. Solutions of brand are smart benches and solar bus stations.


We install solar panels from a reputable manufacturer on industrial and commercial facilities.


TELEMAX LLC is a leading expert in the region in the field of engineering and installation of energetic communication and security equipment, as well as in the installation and commissioning of complex infrastructure projects of our clients.

During our eighteen-year experience, we have established partnership relations with companies such as SIEMENS, THALES RAIL SIGNALLING SOLUTIONS, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, UEBEX and LUXION, and we have worked with clients such as M: TEL, HUAWEI, KRAJINA PETROL, GP “NISKOGRADNJA”, GP “DELTA MD”, City Administration of Banja Luka, Ministry of Internal Affairs RS.

We have all the necessary licenses for design and execution of works, as well energetic efficiency, issued by the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Ecology of the Republic of Srpska.


2022 is the year of the introduction of new technologies in our area, this is the year of acceptance of......

The previous year continued the trend of the year before it, thus bringing new challenges, new ways of approaching problems......


2022 is the year of the introduction of new technologies in our area, this is the year of acceptance of......


Company TELEMAX presents its possibilities through numerous personal references and respectable experience of the professional team of people who are founders and form the strength and foundation of the company. In its composition, TELEMAX has a steady work relationship with highly educated, trained and licensed personnel, who through their professional attitude towards customers become a trademark of the company. The commercial sector in its composition has extremely good and trained people, who are very successful in their job.


For many years, TELEMAX has been actively involved in the market as a partner of the renowned EU manufacturers of high quality LED lighting with a long-term guarantee. We are distributing and installing LED lighting, and the industrial solutions we offer are able to withstand the toughest conditions such as heat and cold, dust and dirt, and are shock resistant. Based on the rich experience in designing and installing LED lighting fixtures, we offer complete light solutions that are fully tailored to your needs.