C2C program: Plus Modules – sensors and applications

C2C program: Plus Modules – sensors and applications

Listening to the market and guided by the goal and desire to make City Gecko solutions more competitive and more represented in the market, it was necessary to improve them. The desired improvement of the solution was manifested in the way of installing ambient sensors in the benches and for the same development of applications that will process the submitted data.

The improvement would certainly have taken longer if the entire investment had been from own funds, but thanks to the C2C program, this process has been significantly shortened.

Thanks to the funds of the Swedish Agency for International Development and Cooperation – Sida / Embassy of Sweden in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Challenge to Change, C2C, program was established. The program is implemented by the Sarajevo Regional Development Agency SERDA and the Development Agency RS – RARS. The Ostergotland Region, Eastern Sweden, is also a partner in the project. The main goal of the project is to strengthen economic development in BiH, as well as cooperation between Sweden and BiH.

The project, which was supported by the funds of the C2C program, is divided into three segments that are interdependent and connected, and the realization of one is directly transferred to the other. The segments were realized by the company GOT Solutions from Banja Luka with the help of the City Gecko development team. The segments that were to be realized are the following:

industrial computer programming
web application development City Gecko
development of the City Gecko mobile application
The industrial computer is connected to the sensors and the recorded states are delivered to it. Via a Wi-Fi network, data is sent further to a server where it is processed and delivered to applications. Applications (web and mobile) visually display the submitted data, so it is possible to see the temperature, humidity, CO level, air pressure, Wi-Fi users, device charging (USB and contactless), and electricity consumption and production.

Owners of smart benches now have remote access to their benches where, in addition to monitoring the status of the sensor, they will be able to generate reports and change the content on LCD displays. The mobile app is available to everyone on google.play and app.store.

Participation in the program generated new jobs and partnerships, and the product itself became more competitive in the market.

Many thanks to SERDI and RARS for their help in implementing the project.