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    In a time frame from 2002 until today, TELEMAX has become one of the leading companies in the field of communications technology, specializing in the design and installation of intelligent installations and optical networks.

    In addition to its core business, TELEMAX company relies heavily on the communication progress of its customers and the market as a whole.

    In the era of intelligent installations and optical networks, following new directions is the key method in business and building a company’s reputation. Correct information at the right time often means success in the market and an advantage over the competition.

    Communication speed has become as important as communication itself. The company’s strategic commitment is to apply the proven quality of the global energy, communications, and safety equipment manufacturers and the expert team’s experience in installation, as well as in the process of delivering complex infrastructure projects to their clients.

    The competitive advantage of TELEMAX is based on numerous personal references and the respectable experience of experts employed by its team. Proven good management, as well as an enviable reference list accompanied by installed capacities, are sufficient to guarantee that the expert team of the company TELEMAX knows what it wants and how to achieve it.

    As the crown of eighteen years of successful work, using the gained experience and the desire to use new technologies, we have created a brand of smart urban furniture – City Gecko. Our new brand together with its products has already found its place in the business world and, like the rest of the company, is developing according to the needs and requirements of the market.

    Telemax projektovanje i izgradnja pristupnih TK mreža
    Telemax usluge - ugradnja sistemske tehničke zaštite

    Objectives and Services

    The basic goal and motto of the company since the beginning was the highest quality of service, so every individual in this complex mechanism was carefully chosen in order to contribute to the overall enviable result on the scale of success.

    Among the numerous activities that TELEMAX realizes, we particularly emphasize:

    • Design, production, installation, and maintenance of smart urban furniture from the City Gecko program – smart benches and solar bus stations
    • Design and installation of certified LED lighting systems for professional use
    • Design and installation of electrical installations via KNX intelligent software for installation management
    • Design and installation of power supply systems, electrical substations, and lighting
    • Design and installation of technical protection systems: fire alarms, access control, video surveillance, cable television, audio systems and computer/telephone networks
    • Design and construction of access TC networks, cable canalization, and fiber optic lines


    TELEMAX company may boast that it owns all the licenses necessary for its operation, issued by the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction and Ecology of the RS.

    1. License for Performing – high voltage installations and power plants
    2. License for Performing – low voltage installations, telecommunications, and automation
    3. License for the production of technical documentation – installations of high voltage and power plants
    4. License for the production of technical documentation – installations of low voltage, telecommunications, and automation
    5. License for certification of facilities for energy efficiency